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Keeping It Cool

Please keep in mind these are just ideas  I will not be giving exact measurements. You need a good skill set to build one these its 80% fabrication.

So for a good performer the RPM will need to be up around 5500-7000 RPM.

At this RPM the stock water pump setup is going to be forcing the flow too fast and won’t be effective. The other problem being it might cavitate or get air bubbles.

For this reason running a 12v pump or as some do run a 12v electric motor to run stock pump slower is better. I will cover 12v pump setup. VERY IMPORTANT continue to run your stock thermostat. Removing it will cause coolant to only circulate through top of the head not going down into the lower block. 

Some of the added benefits of running a 12v pump or you can leave it off during warm up for faster heating or leave it on after engine shut down for further cooling. I have in the past ran a heater circulation pump but found I needed more. I would suggest around a 20 gpm pump. Summit have some this size. 

I like to wire the electric fan and pump on the same switch since there is no reason to run them individually. As a added note don’t worry about a belt to run alternator because you don’t want one it will just add unwanted drag.

• Summit has a 12 v motor setup with brackets and pulleys to continue using your stock water pump. I am now using this method. 

12v Pump Setup

You can remove the water pump and make a plate with barb fitting that will connect to the 12v pump. You can use your gasket as a template for size and bolt pattern. Use a 1/8 plate with barb fitting with two nuts and gasket. You can use aluminum and weld a fitting what ever works. Try to keep it a 1 inch fitting but could be 3/4 . One other thing keep in mind will you need an elbow fitting? what direction?

 VERY IMPORTANT !!! continue to use your thermostat removing it will cause the coolant to only circulate through the front of the head not reaching the critical lower block.


There are a few inexpensive models being used. The most popular being the mini Austin that can be found on ebay for around 85 bucks. Measurements are  14.75H x 10.8W x 1.96D. Fit the largest rad you can without interfering with your hood.

Another option is a Raptor 700  rad for around 55 bucks from ebay measuring 16H x 8.25W x 1.82D. I built a aluminum shroud to direct air and works as the rad bracket at same time with two upper struts to the engine for support.


Keep your hoses neat try to buy some that match your needs without adapters or plastic elbows. I really like Dayco for this if you go to there web site that have pics off all there hoses with sizes even some reducer hoses with elbows. I purchased my Dayco hoses from Amazon was like 20 bucks. Also many other places to find the silicone hoses


12 volt fan can be had for 30 bucks on ebay. A neat feature is they will run either direction so depending on your design you can put fan on either side of rad.

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