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Men still ran the world in A woman might be given a ride in an airplane, but a man would definitely be at the controls.

But the gains were painfully slow. Women were not seksi chat jackson the vote when it was granted to black men with the Fourteenth Amendment in The opening salvos of the struggle in Massachusetts were fired in Horticultural Hall, November What was expected to be a short campaign turned into a siege that dragged on for two generations.

Along the way Nahanters lined up on both sides of the issue. She hosted important meetings in her Boston mansion and served as vice-president of the National Woman Suffrage Association of Massachusetts.

She saw to it that the Houghton Mifflin Company printed her anti-suffrage pamphlets and had them distributed nationwide. A minor victory came in when Massachusetts women were given the right to vote for school committee members. But a referendum in smooth ways to talk to a girl enfranchise women lost by a substantial margin.

Women were permitted to vote on the referendum but only 23, of them did; while ten times as many men voted, most of them against it. Anthony in But it was brought back to life when Harriot Stanton Blatch, after twenty years abroad, returned in to revitalize and imbue it with greater militancy.

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The first such event was held in New York City in Two years later the revived suffrage movement reached Nahant. Frances Curtis had married the Olympic champion.

Thomas P. Curtis, in while she was still quite young. Around the turn of the century the Curtises ed their cousins for summers in Nahant in a cottage on Swallow Cave Road and stayed the next forty years. Frances was the daughter of General M. She moved to Boston soon after her marriage.

While she spent most of her summer in Nahant, her husband spent his at the Somerset Club in Boston. One night Mrs. Curtis heard someone trying to break into the house in Nahant. She went downstairs and confronted the intruder sex chat log a gun — only to discover it was her husband!

In her campaign for votes for women she was equally prepared to take on every man in America. The purpose of her party was to enfranchise women. As a second speaker explained, the platform of their party was modest. Xxx chat line the reporters had great fun with a xxx online chatting valparaiso indiana cat that peeked in from a door at the rear of the platform.

It then sauntered onto the platform while Alice Carpenter, an officer of the Massachusetts Suffrage Association, was speaking. Curtis calmly scooped up the cat into her lap where it lay contentedly for a few minutes. Miss Carpenter, in her enthusiasm was now speaking loudly.

Curtis decided to put the cat in an anteroom which so discomforted the cat — perhaps it thought it was being disfranchised — that it emitted loud, anguished howls. Most of the audience were now absorbed live sexy chat the little drama that was unfolding behind the speaker. Miss Carpenter, mistaking the laughter produced by the cat episode for that of dissenters to her remarks, demanded that they leave.

Curtis sought the assistance of a policeman to remove the dissenting cat, which more than likely was of the male gender.

The policeman seized the noisy dating chat in birmingham michigan and carried in the length of the hall to the amusement of all. Finally, Miss Carpenter could her talk:. We are not all freaks but we adult chat center cranks and the brutal men will find us cranks on the subject of suffrage until we can go to the polls like the grand women we are and save our industrial world.

As there were suffragists, there also were anti-suffragists and they too had meetings. Despite Mrs. There was also a delegation from Beverly and Manchester.

Curtis held a counter-meeting in the Town Hall the next month but it only drew about one hundred people. Frances Curtis was one of the the best free phone chat lines. Thomas S. Bradlee, the husband of the chairwoman, interrupted Frances several times with leading questions. Curtis proved herself a ready debater and she gave Mr.

Francis Curtis not only exercised her talent as an orator but turned her hand to Nahant politics as well.

The great yellow banner

In the only political position open to women was on the school committee. She decided to run for that office at the March town meeting. The problem was that Otis A. Johnson, a native Nahanter, related to the larger chat with lonely west kilbride women of Nahant Johnsons through his first wife, was running for re-election.

Otis had served on the school board for the past twenty years and had been its winstonsalem all of sex love chat online for much of that time. Although Frances consented to run, the rough and tumble of local politics were beneath her.

Otis Johnson took the floor in his capacity as chairman of the School Committee. The matter was ultimately referred to a committee for study.

Lodge gave Mrs. Curtis her final blow and Otis Johnson his reward when he stepped to the front of the platform and in a loud aside said that he had voted for Mr. Johnson for school committee. However, the Item recorded that Mrs. Frances polled Votes, only 14 votes behind Borderlands 2 chat Johnson. Considering that there were but twenty women who bothered to vote, most of her votes came from men.

This same apathy was evident all over the country. It was not only men that the suffragists had to convert. They had a larger problem with their own sex. The marital spirit that animated many of her ancestors — was she not the daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter of West Point graduates? Chat brantford sex the suffragists determined to throw down the gauntlet to the senator. They would form a suffrage organization in Nahant. The first meeting of the group was called for Friday afternoon, April 13,at Mrs. The talk around the teacups that afternoon would certainly have included the forthcoming suffrage parade to be held in Boston on May 2.

The first of its kind in free las vegas chat lines city, it celebrated the passage of a suffrage amendment to the state constitution. The most exciting part of the conversation was the fact that their own Frances Curtis was to be Chief Marshal of the parade.

Somepeople turned out to watch Mrs. Curtis and the more than 10, suffragists march by.

Curtis rode sidesaddle at the head of the line. Many women from Nahant and Greater Lynn ed the line of march. Various elaborate floats attracted much attention. At the high point, Grand Marshal Curtis rode up and received a wreath from a maiden in a white Grecian costume and laid the wreath on the Lincoln Emancipation Statue in Park Square. Over all waved the great yellow banner of the chat to sexy women wandlitz movement.

Hard on the heels of the glorious May parade, the Nahant Suffrage League held its second meeting at the home of its president. Following Mrs.