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Sexuality is an important component in the lives of menopausal women.

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Posted July 20, Reviewed by Lybi Ma. In field studies, psychologists find that busty women are approached more frequently in bars and nightclubs, get rides more easily as hitchhikers, and receive higher tips derby sex chat room waitresses compared to women with smaller breasts. And yet, the question of why women have protruding breasts is itself an evolutionary conundrum.

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Menopause and sexuality

This study examines the experiences of 48 spouses of wives newly diagnosed with local or regional breast cancer. Their reported experiences were organized into the core construct of Coming to Grips reflected by four domains: 1 Feeling nailed by the breast cancer; 2 Changing us; 3 Taking care of me; and 4 Making things work. Prior studies have chat hour reviews the extent to which the assumptive world and day-to-day lives of spouses are shattered by the diagnosis of breast cancer and the work they do to guess how to be supportive to their wives.

Inan estimatedwomen will be free ten chat with invasive breast cancer and an additional 62, women had in situ disease American Cancer Society, sex chat sa Although the magnitude of women affected is alarming, equally ificant are the ramifications of the illness for the spouse.

Coming to grips with breast cancer: the spouse’s experience with his wife’s first six months

Distress anxiety, depressed mood, physical symptoms in spouses of women with early stage breast cancer has been demonstrated in studies using standardized questionnaires as well as interviews in the U. When we turn to studies relevant to the initial diagnostic and treatment period, only 3 interview studies included spouses of wives diagnosed an average of 13 or fewer months Lethborg, et al. Free skype chat rooms summary of from these 3 qualitative studies follows Table 1.

Spouses described feelings of shock and disbelief Lethborg, et al. They reported worrying about the extent of disease Lethborg, et al. In addition, to describing their emotional response to the breast cancer, some described a physical response as well Lethborg, et al.

They found it hard to watch their wives struggle or be in distress Lethborg, et al. Spouses reported a range of reactions when they viewed the mma chat site. Some men felt their own feelings went unacknowledged by their wives and others Bi female chat, et al. Men felt their wives believed they were getting on with their life — that the illness had not impacted them.

They felt that their own distress went unrecognized. Men talked about what they did to support their wives. Some men felt supported by others Northouse, while others talked about feeling isolated and having hot phone sex chat support Lethborg, et al. Across all three studies, spouses described what they did to cope with the breast cancer, including devising strategies, avoiding their own feelings and avoiding thinking about it Lethborg, et al. They worked to stay focused on the positive Lethborg, et al.

Spouses talked about taking control Lethborg, et al. Spouses described taking things day by day and trying to make the most out of life Lethborg, et al. But only one of the studies included spouses who were interviewed during the initial months of diagnosis and treatment Northouse, adult nursing chat Spouses were eligible for inclusion in the current study if their wife were diagnosed within the past six months with early stage breast cancer Stage and couples were married.

Data for the current study were obtained prior to intervening with the couples. Island park live sex chat percent had completed at least some college. The interview consisted of four open-ended questions:. What parts of your daily life have changed since your wife was diagnosed with breast cancer? Interviews lasted 20 to 45 minutes and were audio-tape recorded. Variation occurred n the length of each interview, depending on the amount of time each spouse spent responding to the questions.

All spouses were asked the same questions. Following transcription and verification for accuracy, transcripts were read and down loaded into Atlas. Those data were then grouped when the data shared a common property. Groupings were organized into and the were defined. Alternatively, a new category was created if the looking for decent chat cortland of data to be coded did not fit the. were continually examined for similarity and overlap for the duration of the coding process.

Similar were merged in an effort to further organize the data. During the entire process of coding, were refined and examined to ensure they were mutually exclusive.

No verbatim data from spouses appeared under more than one category. Initial goth chat city resulted in 28 which were eventually re-organized into 16 Table 2. Reorganization created a more parsimonious representation of the data. Through this process of condensation for parsimony, definitions of the were refined to represent the new category while still maintaining distinction between the remaining.

were then organized into higher order groups, called domains. See Figure 1 for an example of coding.

The stereotype is pervasive, but the scientific evidence is weak.

within a domain represented different dimensions of the domain. Domain labels were chosen to best capture the manifest meaning of the. Finally, each of the domains was defined. The houston free local chat lines construct was identified after the final set of domains and definitions were generated.

The peer debriefer reviewed initial and related verbatim statements from spouses. This review included three analyses: 1 a comparison between allincluding an examination of distinctions between for their uniqueness and non-overlapping characteristics; 2 a comparison between each category and the adequacy of fit between the verbatim quote ass chat each category; and 3 a comparison of each verbatim quote with all the other in order to verify the correctness of fit chatting rooms for free each verbatim with its placement within the deated category.

Whenever possible, the peer debriefer recommended ways to increase the parsimony of the evolving while still maintaining distinctions between .

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Four domains were identified: Feeling nailed by the breast cancer; Changing us; Taking care of me; and Std chat room things works. A description of the domains and the follows, including illustrative quotes from spouses. Spouses viewed the breast cancer diagnosis as unexpected, sudden, and emotionally overwhelming.

They felt helpless to save themselves or their wives from what was happening. Every aspect of their daily lives and function was impacted, including job performance and social times with friends. They struggled to cybersex chat rowe why such a thing would happen.

This domain included three : Being struck by lightning, Feeling life change, and Wondering why God would single her out. I mean, I think I bawled for 2 days. They found it difficult to accept the cancer and grieved the loss of her breast. They were shocked at how quickly things happened following the diagnosis. They foley sex chat rooms stunned at the physical effects surgery and treatment had on their wives. They described feeling stressed emotionally and physically. Some of the men said they lost sleep, lost hair, and felt aged by the breast cancer.

As a result, they worried about their own health. They experienced her femdom discussion as patronizing, uncaring or disregarding of them. To the doctor, it seemed like it was no biggie. You know, just another car in the garage. Spouses felt guilt at their own inability to protect their wife from what was happening or felt they were not doing enough to support her. What am I failing to do? They worried that the cancer would not be cured or that it would recur some time in the future.

They wondered if the correct treatment decisions were being made. They experienced the breast cancer anonymous group chat app an uncontrolled situation and as something they could not change. It bothered them to see her in pain and sick from treatment. All I can do is try to hold her hand and get her through it.

Spouses talked about changes that had taken place in their daily schedules and routines that they attributed to the breast cancer. Life had become more hectic.

They felt they needed to be ready to respond, at any time of day or night, to take her to medical appointments or to respond to her emotional needs. I t was also a challenge to keep their mind focused on work. Some men found co-workers online chat sex hilo1 hawaii be understanding and encouraging of their absences from work, while others needed to sexual chat jeffreys bay on the job to secure their job and benefits.

Spouses described themselves as not being able to take on more than they were already doing, physically, or emotionally. They were exhausted from caring for her, taking care of the family, experiencing pressure from others to do things differently, going to work, and lacking sleep from being up with their wife during the night.

Some spouses wondered why their wife got cancer, given that she took care of herself. For some spouses, the experience brought them closer together and they approached the breast cancer as a team.