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Seeking A Single Mother For Holiday Companion

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My age: I am 46

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About 5 years ago I got thrown onto the single parenthood boat.

Life happens. Families change.

And regardless of the circumstances, we continue to do whatever it takes to care for our children in the best way we know how. In our family aside from a clean housethat thing was our yearly camping trip.

Sure, I missed that magical moment when the world seems to stand still in some spectacularly scenic location. Tent-building alone is solidly a two-person job.

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Give me a day at the spa to unwind. But camping? No thank you.

It no longer seemed to offer the respite I needed. Then, last summer, a friend who had just returned from an OARS trip suggested that it might be just the thing I chat with hot moms looking for—an outdoor vacation in which all I had to do, essentially, was just show up.

Their professional guides would take care of everything from packing the tents and sleeping bags to the food and beverages vantaa chat rooms even games!

They even provide a little luxury item called a Paco Pad, which makes sleeping in a tent a more pleasurable experience.

Turns out there were three other single parents on our trip—all with teenagers. The community we created over the course of our trip was almost familial.

On the first night, another single mom offered to help me with the tent. On the second day, a single dad offered to hang out with my kids so I could enjoy -free day on the river. By that night, the four of us had started an impromptu single parent support group.

The other teens and our guides—who are not only the best river guides around, but wire chat app play chef, teacher, Sherpa, housekeeper, activities director and stand-up comedian—provided constant entertainment for my easily bored brood.

On top of it all, I did not cook one meal, start one fire, clean one pan or set one table for five whole days.

Single parent holidays and solo holidays

Most often, I did not. After years of keeping our family afloat by myself, it was an amazing gift to just sit back and let someone else do most of the work.

Our rafting trip ended up being both the outdoor family experience I had hoped for and exactly the respite I needed. Explore Family Adventures.

It seemed too good to be true. I booked a trip immediately. Pretty soon I found myself in the single parenthood boat again, but this time I had company. You may also be interested in All Blog Posts.