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It's Europe's busiest airport, and as well as attracting millions of passengers could Heathrow also be a magnet for the sizzling heat?

Reaching These white boxes, which contain a thermometer, are installed 4ft 1. The weather station at Heathrow is located very close free adult mount shasta chat rooms the northern runway, so with aeroplanes constantly landing and taking off, does it make a difference to the temperature?

The urban heat island is, Prof Williams explains, the process where buildings absorb more sunlight than open fields.

Cities tend to hang on to the heat for longer, which can push up temperatures by a few degrees, he says. Heathrow - with its large black asphalt runways and airport buildings - will naturally absorb more heat.

This can chat amicizia shown by comparing the average monthly temperature of Heathrow to nearby Kew, eight miles away. The temperature graph above shows there is hardly any difference between Phone sex chat lines nashville davidson and Kew - but both areas are hotter, on average, than the rest of the UK.

That suggests that it is the buildings, rather than planes, contributing to the higher average temperatures. Prof Williams says CO2 is a greenhouse gas and it does trap heat but, because it mixes very quickly with the air, it warms the entire climate, not just Heathrow.

The Met Office told us that their weather stations are text sex chat in nandibari to very specific standards and any biases that could affect temperature records are taken into when taking down readings. The Met Office also pointed out that Heathrow is many miles from the sea, which means it does not benefit from a cooling effect that many coastal areas receive.

It says if you look at overall temperature records, there is a pattern between high temperature and the distance from the sea. In summary, the overall temperature of any particular weather station is guitar chat to be affected by several factors - such as the geographic features, the wind boyle alberta sex chat the soil.

So, there's more to Heathrow's hot spot than its proximity to roaring jet engines and all that tarmac. That beats July 's record of So why does this west London airport often top the temperature charts? How is temperature measured?

To get a chatting indo temperature, a weather station, known as a Stevenson Screen, is used. But London is very built-up, meaning surrounding areas should also be affected in a similar way.

But what about CO2 gas levels expelled by the planes? Related Topics.

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